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Originally defined as a sub unit of a Roman Legion, (Cohors quingenaria - 500, Cohors milliaria - 1000, as well as mixed infantry and cavalry units, Cohors equitata), but more commonly used to describe associates, friends and companions.

This page lists associated practices and suppliers that we have found useful and professional.
The following listing has no heirarchy

Art Domain - framing link

Print Editions - framing no link 83639322

Trin Designs - framing no link 83312377

Elite Framing - framing link

Mik International - wood tools link

Moving Art SA - art shipping no link 0412833099

Black and White Photography - photographic printing link

Natasha Robertson - Photographer no link 0438529862

Memory Lane - scrapbooking link

Simply Fabrics - fabric link

AISH - drafting supplies link

Murch Stationery Supplies - stationery supplies link